A sweet institution evolves with Tap to Pay on iPhone

Customer case study: Wing La Cakes

Wing La Case Study Owner Quote

Wing La Cakes is an institution. For four decades it’s been creating Taiwanese / Hong Kong-style sponge cakes for families across Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Owner Linh took over the business from her brother in 2000, after visiting Melbourne from New York and falling in love with the city. She moved her family, including her husband and daughter, and has been building its icon status ever since.

“Wing La Cakes is a landmark in Footscray. If you get lost – people will tell you, ‘Go to Wing La Cakes’ and they will give you directions from there,” said Linh.

The challenge – cash no longer king

Like many businesses fortunate enough to trade on recommendations and reputation, Melbourne’s infamous Covid lockdowns, accelerating digitalisation, and the rising cost of living made business tough. 

“We really struggled through the lockdowns because we weren’t online and hadn’t made the leap to digital. Even after the lockdowns lifted, we mostly accepted cash and people just didn’t want to pay like that,” said Linh.

“We thought, we’re not in the days of camels and suitcases for carrying cash, so we need to move on,” she said.

The solution - keeping the counter clear for sweet treats

Wing La Cakes keeps its counter terminal free by accepting in-person contactless payments using Tap to Pay on iPhone which is enabled through the Worldline Tap on Mobile app. They can accept contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets, using only an iPhone and the Worldline Tap on Mobile iOS app, no additional hardware or payment terminal needed. 

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The results – happy, tappy customers


“While we’re still working on our digital sales channels, our payment technology is now ahead of everyone else. We love it, our customers love it. They’re very excited because they haven’t seen this in other stores.” 

“Our older customer especially love it. It’s the first time they’ve paid ‘phone to phone’ and they think it’s really cool – they are excited to tell their children and grandchildren!”

“It’s harder for some of our customers to let go of cash, but because they trust our business, they trust that our payment technology is safe, they’re coming along and that’s very important to me.”

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