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iOS Quick Reference Guide

Worldline Tap On Mobile

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There are two different approaches to register your iOS:

  1. Register via app: follow this approach to set up your device through the App.
    1. Following this approach, the device will select any available Terminal ID from the pool of terminal IDs that are allocated you.
    2. To follow this approach, you will need your user name and password from the welcome email that was sent to you.
  2. Register via online portal: follow this approach to set up your device through tap on mobile online portal.
    1. Following this approach, you will be able to select specific Terminal ID and allocate to your device.
    2. To follow this approach, you will need your lap top to access Tap on Mobile online portal, in addition to your device to register it.

Details are below:

  1. Download the app
  1. Open the app
  2. Read and accept the terms the user agreement
  1. Click on “Proceed”
  2. The App will explain that there are two options to set your device:
    • Register via app
    • Register via online portal
  1.  Select the most appropriate way to you.  

1.1 Registering via App:

  1. Fill in the information required under “Login Account”.
  2. Enter the email address that was registered with us as your Login.
  3. Enter your password in the password section.
  4. Click on “Login”
  1. The App will randomly select a TID from the pool of TIDs allocated to you and show you that:
  • If you ran out of TIDS, the app will inform you that “there are no available terminals”. In that case you can either contact us for additional TIDs, or use the “online portal” registration method, to unregister a TID, then re-assign it.
  1. Once you have been assigned a TID successfully, click on “Continue”

1.2 Registering via Online Portal:

When following this way, you will need your Tap on Mobile App and access to the Online Portal.

  1. Click on “Register via portal” option.
  1. Copy the one-time code that is displayed in your Tap on Mobile App.
  1.  Log in to the Online Portal, with your email address and password.
  2. Select “Terminals”, choose a terminal with status “Available” and click the arrow “˅”.
Select Terminals
  1. Select "Edit".
Select Edit
  1. Add a "Name" for your user/device.
Add a Name

Note: It is recommended that you initiate the name user with device type e.g. Android or iOS,  This will make it easier for you to search and manage your devices/users.

e.g. Name: Android – John ABC, or iOS – John ABC, etc

  1. Select "Registration".
Select Register
  1. Enter the one-time code from your Tap on Mobile App and select "Find registration".
Enter the one-time code
Select Find registration.
  1. Confirm the registration.
Confirm the registration
  1. A one-time password is displayed. Enter this password in your Tap on Mobile App to complete your registration, and click “Confirm”
A one-time password is displayed


Finish the App setup by setting a PIN to access the App.

  1. Set a device log in code for your Tap on Mobile App, then enter.
  1. Then confirm by re-entering the same code again
  2. You have successfully registered your device and ready to use it.


Your Tap on Mobile Contract Module will state the number of TIDs assigned to your account. To link an available TID to an additional device, follow the steps illustrated above.


Occasionally, you might need to remove or uninstall the App from a certain mobile device and install it in another.  In that case, you can follow either of these methods:

From the mobile device:

  1. Open the App on the device you want to uninstall the App from.
  2. On the login screen, select “Unregister device”.

From the Online Portal:

  1. Go to “Terminals” tab in the Online Portal.
  2. Select the required terminal, and click the arrow “˅”.
  3. Click on “Disconnect”.
Click on Disconnect


Accepting contactless payments with Tap On Mobile - Apple

  1. Select “Payment” and enter the amount.
  2. To pay, ask the customer to tap their credit or debit card, mobile wallet, or wearable at the top of the device.
  3. If prompted, ask customer to enter their PIN.
  4. Transaction is completed when the screen says ‘Approved’.
  5. Send a receipt via email or QR code, then select the “Close”.


Reversing Payments with Tap On Mobile - Apple

  1. Select “Transactions”.

2. From the Transactions list, go to the last sale transaction. Be sure to check that you’ve got the correct transactions. Once reversed, you will not be able to change your mind.

3. Tap on “Reversal”.

4. When prompted to confirm your selection, select “Confirm”.

5. Transaction will be reversed / cancelled.

6. In the transactions list, the reversed / cancelled transaction will be shown with Strikethrough.

7. You can send the updated receipt via email or QR code, then close.

Refunding Payments with Tap On Mobile - Apple

  1. Select “Transactions”.

2. The transaction list contains all of your transactions in the last 6 months.  From the transactions list, go to the sale transaction you need to refund. Either by looking for it from the available list, or use the “Transaction filters”.

Be sure to check that you’ve got the correct transactions. Once refunded, you will not be able to change your mind.

3. Once required transaction is selected, tap on “Refund”.

4. Ask customer to tap the same credit or debit card, mobile wallet or wearable that was used to perform the purchase at the top of the device.

5. The transaction will be refunded.

6. In the Transactions list, the refunded transaction would be shown in red.

7. You can send the updated receipt via email or QR code, then close.


Transaction Type + Status combination on the Online Portal:

  • Sale + Cleared:  i.e., Purchase/Sale process was accepted and completed.
  • Sale + Cancelled: i.e., Purchase/Sale process was reversed or cancelled.
  • Sale + Declined: i.e., Purchase/Sale process was declined by customer before completion.
  • Sale + Refunded: i.e., Purchase/Sale transaction was refunded.
  • Refund + Authorised: i.e., the refund process was authorised and completed.


  • If you mistakenly performed a partial refund, you will not be able to go back to the same transaction to perform additional refund(s), instead contact Merchant Services Support on 1800 039 025 for assistance.
  • The transactions will appear on the Online Portal and Merchant Portal in “near real-time”, if you still cannot see a transaction on either, please refresh the page and it should appear.
  • The Tap on Mobile App graph will only display transaction data for up to 1 week.
  • The Online Portal will only display transaction data for up to 1 month.
  • For older transactions, please refer to your Merchant Portal, which holds information for up to 24 months.
  • Please note temporary disruptions and outages for system maintenance may apply to the Online Portal.
  • Limits apply to any of your customers that are using the following physical cards to complete a sales / purchase transaction:
    Scheme Limit in AUD
    Visa Purchase amount>$200
    Mastercard Purchase amount>$100
    EFTPOS LimitsDepends on the card issuing bank

    Your eligible mobile device will require a customer to key in their card pin for any amount above the limit displayed above.

    Please note that if the customer uses their digital wallet (either phone or watch) then they will not be required to enter any card pin on your eligible mobile device.