From trucks to treatments – on the road to business growth with Tap to Pay on iPhone

Customer case study: Newcastle Body Sculpting

Kelly, business owner, Newcastle Body Sculpting

After a career change from the mining industry, Kelly was just 12 months into her small business journey when demand grew so much she put expansion on the cards. She started scrutinising her costs to find savings that could help her fund a larger clinic space and eventually bring on more employees.

The challenge

Like many new business owners Kelly was time poor when she started her business.

“At the beginning, everything moved so quickly that I would just rely on Google to find everything I needed for my set up. That included my original payment system which turned out to be at the expensive end of the market – the last thing you need when you’ve just started a business!”

Kelly was looking to switch to a lower cost and more scalable way to take payments in her growing business.

The solution

Kelly soon found Tap to Pay on iPhone with the Worldline Tap on Mobile app which accepts in-person contactless payments, including contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets, using only an iPhone and the Worldline Tap on Mobile iOS app. There is no additional hardware or payment terminal needed which means no terminal rental fees.

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The results

Kelly says she’s saving around $250 a week through lower transaction fees and no terminal costs. As she continues to grow the business, she can also easily enable new employees to take payments from their own treatments rooms with nothing more than an iPhone and the Worldline Tap on Mobile app – no additional hardware needed.

“Tap to Pay on iPhone and the Worldline Tap on Mobile App have opened up so many opportunities for me. I can have multiple employees taking payment in their own treatment rooms, which means we don’t need a dedicated reception space, which is a huge saving as we grow.”

“My clients are pretty excited about scanning the QR code for the receipt! The feedback is that it’s very cool and new, and I think the latest-technology element is in line with the business and the service we offer.”

“I also like the idea that our customers get a seamless experience in the treatment room – they’re not waiting at the end of their treatment to finalise anything.”

Looking to take payments in store or on the go?

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