Merchant Terms

Merchant Terms

Migrated customers

You’re considered a Migrated Customer if you’ve already undergone your upgrade.

  • Your POS Move terminal software has been upgraded. You’ll know you’ve been migrated if your terminal screensaver has changed and it now shows a blue and green background, with the ANZ Worldline logo in white.
  • We’ve provided you a new VP number to replace your Merchant ID.
  • We’ve provided you new Terminal ID(s) and Terminal Password(s) to replace your existing ones.
  • Your statements are now emailed and no longer mailed to you in the post.
  • You’ve been granted access to the Merchant Portal.

*If you’ve received communication from us that you’re in the upgrade queue but haven’t yet been upgraded, you’re still considered Legacy platform customer.

General conditions and operating documents

Need assistance?

Contact our Merchant Support team, available 24/7.

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions Platform Customers

If you have an ANZ Worldline Payment Solution merchant agreement and you no longer require it, please call ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions on 1800 039 025 to request its closure. If we require you to complete the Merchant Maintenance form requesting closure of your Merchant Facility before your Merchant Facility can be closed, we will advise you of this.

You will need to immediately arrange with ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions for the return of  all stationary (excluding stationary paid for by you), promotional material, transaction vouchers, card imprinters or equipment (including electronic terminals) supplied by you.

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions means Worldline Australia Pty Ltd ACN 645 073 034 (“Worldline”), a provider of merchant solutions. Worldline is not an authorised deposit taking institution (ADI) and entry into any agreement with Worldline is neither a deposit nor liability of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ACN 005 357 522 (“ANZ”) or any of its related bodies corporate (together “ANZ Group”). Neither ANZ nor any other member of the ANZ Group stands behind or guarantees Worldline.