Let your customers pay in their own currency

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

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Why enable DCC?

With DCC, your international cardholders can see how much they'll be spending in their home currency.

Price clarity for international Visa and Mastercard cardholders

Over 40 different currencies accepted

Up to 1% rebate for eligible merchants1

No additional processing costs for merchants

End the confusion for all international shoppers


How it works2

Step 1
YOUR CUSTOMER taps3, inserts or swipes their card to pay for their purchase.

Step 2
YOUR TERMINAL automatically detects an international Mastercard or Visa card.

Step 3
YOUR TERMINAL confirms if the currency is one of 40+ eligible for DCC.

Step 4
YOUR TERMINAL displays the amount in AUD and the cardholder's home currency.

Step 5
YOUR CUSTOMER chooses whether they wish to pay in their home currency.

Step 6
YOUR TRANSACTION is completed and you will receive this transaction in AUD with no fees or additional costs.
What your customer will see
Your customer can check the terminal screen to see the transaction amount in local currency as well as their home currency, inclusive of exchange rate and exchange rate markup.
Up to date exchange rates
Exchange rates are updated daily4 and displayed on the terminal screen and on the receipt for the customer.

Customer-friendly payments on three steps

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  • What foreign currencies can I process with DCC?

    DCC supports over 40 currencies. Click here for a full list of currencies.

    What cards does DCC support?

    DCC is supported by Visa and Mastercard.

    What payment terminal do I need to accept DCC?

    You can accept DCC with our Worldline Move 5000 terminal.

    Where can I find more information about DCC?

    You can access the product fact sheet here.


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Important Information
  1. As defined in your contract with ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions
  2. DCC only works on the Worldline Move 5000 payment terminal.
  3. tap will only detect DCC on transactions over 200 AUD for Visa, and over 100 AUD for Mastercard.
  4. DCC exchange rates are updated on all business days at 7.30am Central European Time (CET).

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions means Worldline Australia Pty Ltd ACN 645 073 034 (“Worldline”), a provider of merchant solutions. Worldline is not an authorised deposit taking institution (ADI) and entry into any agreement with Worldline is neither a deposit nor liability of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ACN 005 357 522 (“ANZ”) or any of its related bodies corporate (together “ANZ Group”). Neither ANZ nor any other member of the ANZ Group stands behind or guarantees Worldline.