ANZ eGate

ANZ eGate

Improve customer experience and business security with mobile-optimised transactions, Network Tokenisation, and comprehensive admin features.

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Create seamless payment experiences that are swift, secure and effortless, generating great customer experiences online or over the phone

Suitable if you

  • ✔ Want to accept payments securely online, over the phone or both
  • ✔ Accept payments for subscriptions, regular & recurring payments using tokenisation
  • ✔ Are using a shopping cart or eCommerce platform that integrates with Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS)

Provide more ways to pay

Do you currently run an online store or are looking to expand to online to grow your business? Online payment gateways like ANZ eGate, have the ability to support your online presence and offer the opportunity to open your market both nationally and globally. 

Having a payment gateway that can facilitate versatile consumer payment moments, is essential to ensuring customers can complete purchases swiftly and securely, reducing cart abandonment rates and protecting customer data. 

ANZ eGate provides a versatile online payment solution that allows your customers to pay how they want, while providing businesses the confidence that their consumer’s data is protected, minimising the risk of fraud, while being able to reduce PCI costs with hosted pages provided by Mastercard®.

Key features

Everything you need to sell online or accept recurring payments

Merchant features and benefits

Integrate with shopping carts

Integration options

Hosted Checkout Pages

• Embedded into existing website
• Hosted page – hosted and displayed by ANZ eGate
• Quick & Simple to integrate
• No need to store payment details = Lower PCI compliance costs
• Some branding customisation options

Hosted Checkout Sessions

• Simple to integrate
• No need to store payment details = Lower PCI compliance costs
• Maintain control over branding and style (some coding required)

Direct Payment API

• Suitable for customer applications, complex websites and mobile apps
• Merchant manages PCI compliance and payment data
• Enables enhanced automation and advanced operations such as captures, refunds and voids.
• Developer coding required

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For ANZ business account holders, funds are available on the same day for online transactions, processed through the terminal and settled before 6:30pm (AEST). For non-ANZ business account holders, for online transactions processed through the terminal, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions will transfer the funds to the merchant’s bank on the following business day and the availability of the funds will be determined by the merchant’s bank. For transactions processed offline or via Paper Merchant Vouchers, these settlement times do not apply.