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EFTPOS Machines

Find FAQs and Operating Guides for your EFTPOS terminals. 
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Online Payments

Find FAQs and User Guides for your eCommerce solution.
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HealthPay Support

Find FAQs and Operating Guides for ANZ HealthPay.
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Service Requests

Account admins use this form to:

  • Ask for assistance
  • Change your details (account authority, personal details, business details etc.) Request statements
  • Order, swap or return merchant hardware
  • Request merchant transaction information (fee enquiries, trace requests, transaction listings etc.)
  • Request to accept AMEX or Diners cards

 Commercial Merchant Maintenance Form

 Institutional Merchant Maintenance Form

Note:- in order to complete the forms, you must download them and open them in Adobe Acrobat

Additional merchants

As a Primary Merchant, you can use this form to authorise a Secondary Merchant to use your EFTPOS machine(s) and related hardware.

 Multi Merchant Primary Approval Form


Need more stationery for your EFTPOS terminal?


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Merchant services pricing structure

ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions may calculate your fees based on the type of cards and transactions that you process through your merchant facility.

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Merchant choice routing

Merchant Choice Routing is an optional feature which routes eligible contactless transactions through the domestic eftpos network. Find out more about Merchant Choice Routing and if it's the right for your business.
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Payment industry surcharging regulation

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has introduced Standard No 3 of 2016 (the “RBA Standard”). The objective of the RBA Standard is to promote efficiency and competition in the Australian payments system.

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Merchant security

Fraud is a growing problem for many merchants and can have a substantial financial impact on businesses.
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Chargeback support

More information on chargebacks and how you can try to minimise their occurrence.

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Ending Your Merchant Agreement

If you have an ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions merchant agreement and you no longer require it, please call ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions on 1800 039 025 to request its closure. If we require you to complete the Merchant Maintenance form requesting closure of your Merchant Facility before your Merchant Facility can be closed, we will advise you of this.

You will need to immediately arrange with ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions for the return of all stationery (excluding stationery paid for by you), promotional material, transaction vouchers, card imprinters or equipment (including electronic terminals) supplied to you.

Once we have received and acknowledged your request, your merchant agreement will be terminated in accordance with the "Termination Clause" of your terms and conditions. You can find your merchant facility terms and conditions by visiting our terms and conditions page.


For ANZ business account holders, funds are available on the same day for online transactions, processed through the terminal and settled before 9pm (AEST). For non-ANZ business account holders, for online transactions processed through the terminal, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions will transfer the funds to the merchant’s bank on the following business day and the availability of the funds will be determined by the merchant’s bank. For transactions processed offline or via Paper Merchant Vouchers, these settlement times do not apply.