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General FAQs

What are the online payment settlement times?

Settlement times depend on which merchant facility you're using:

  • » ANZ Secure Gateway settles at 5.30pm (AEST)
  • » ANZ eGate settles at 6.30pm (AEST)
  • » ANZ ePOS settlement times are dependent on your third party gateway provider

Where can I access information for developers?

For web developer information on ANZ Secure Gateway and ANZ eGate, refer to Web developer resources. For ANZ ePOS, refer to your provider for support.

ANZ Secure Gateway FAQs

  • How do I activate ANZ Secure Gateway?

    Once your application has been approved, you'll receive two registration emails. The first email includes your login details and password. The second email includes a link to activate your account.

    1. Click on the link to activate your account within 24 hours of receiving the email.

    2. You will be routed to the Business Centre Portal where you will verify your identity by entering your login details.

    3. Configure your general settings by going to Virtual Terminal > Settings.

    The links within the registration e-mails will expire within 24 hours. If you require these to be re-issued, contact merchant support on 1800 039 025.

    How do I create new users?

    1. Log in to the Business Centre portal.

    2. Click on <Account Management> and then <User Administration>.

    3. Click <Add User>.

    4. Complete all mandatory fields specified on the page.

    5. Select a user role from the drop down list.

    6. Click <Add User> to create the new user.

    7. An email will be sent to the new user to complete the registration.

    8. The new user will need to register using the link in the email they receive within 24 hours, otherwise, the link will not work and the administrator will need to create the new user again.

    You can create up to 99 users including one for your own account. If you require more than 99 users, contact merchant support on 1800 039 025.

    How do I process a transaction?

    1. Login to the Business Centre Portal.

    2. Click Virtual Terminal > Process Order

    3. Select the currency as Australia: Dollar.

    4. For each credit card transaction, you need to specify the type of transaction:

      • Authorisation: reserves funds on your customer’s credit card for this purchase. To have the money transferred to your account, you can either ‘Capture’ the authorisation or, ‘Void’ the authorisation and process a new sale.

      • Sale: combines authorisation and capture in the same request.

    5. Fill in all the required fields (highlighted in orange).

    6. Click <Submit> to process the transaction.

    How do I process a refund?

    1. Login to Business Centre Portal.

    2. Go to Transaction Search > General Search.

    3. Locate the original payment you’re wanting to refund and select <Request ID>.

    4. Select the <Credit> button under the 'Transaction Status Summary'.

    5. On the 'Credit Card Credit' page, enter the refund amount.

    6. Once the amount has been entered, click <Credit> and the refund will be processed.

    If the transaction is over 60 days old, contact merchant support on 1800 039 025.

    How do I reset my password?

    1. Click on the Forgot Password link.

    2. Enter your organisation/merchant ID and email address.

    3. Click <Submit Request>.

    4. Enter the answers to your security questions.

    5. Click <Submit Request> and this will reset your password.

    If you have been locked out due to multiple attempts or experience difficulties with resetting your password, contact merchant support on 1800 039 025.

ANZ eGate FAQs

  • How do I create a new operator?

    1. Log into the ANZ eGate Merchant Administration Portal.

    2. Click Admin > Operators.

    3. Click <Create a new Merchant Administration Operator>. 

    4. Input the Operator Details and assign privileges as appropriate.

    5. Click the <Submit> button to create new operator.

    Refer to page 5 the ANZ eGate Quick Reference Guide for more information on completing the relevant fields for a new operator.

    How do I set up my account?

    1. Call ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions merchant support on 1800 039 025 and choose option 2 to get your password. Have your Merchant ID from your welcome email with you.

    2. Login to the ANZ eGate Merchant Administration Portal using your welcome email credentials and your password

      • ANZ eGate Merchant ID: The format will be ANZ **** (for your live account) or TESTANZ**** (for your test account)

      • Operator ID: Administrator

    3. The administrator logon can only be used to create and maintain Operator IDs, so you'll need to create an Operator ID to start processing transactions and using other functions.

    How do I process a transaction?

    1. Login to the ANZ eGate Merchant Administration Portal.

    2. Click on Orders > Create Orders.

    3. Enter the cardholder's information.

    4. Click the <Submit> button to process the transaction.


    • If <Create Orders> isn't available, the Operator ID being used doesn't have the appropriate privileges. The account administrator can edit the privileges.

    • The Administrator user logon can't process transactions.

    How do I process a refund?

    1. Login to the the ANZ eGate Merchant Administration Portal and locate the orginal transaction.

    2. Once the transaction result appears on the screen click the <Order ID> link.

    3. Scroll to the Action Section.

    4. At the Refund Amount field, type in the amount of the refund.

    5. Click the <Refund> button to complete the request.

    If the 'Refund Amount' field isn't available, the Operator ID being used doesn't have the appropriate privileges. Use the administrator account to edit account privileges.

    How do I reset an operator's password?

    Note: Only the administrator of the facility has access to reset user passwords

    1. Log into the ANZ eGate Merchant Administration Portal.

    2. Click Admin > Operators.

    3. Under the Edit and Operator section, locate the Operator that needs to be modified.

    4. Click on Change <Password>.

    5. This will direct you to the "Admin – Change Operator Password" page.

    6. Enter the new password in the required fields.

    7. Click <Submit> to update the password.

    If an administrator's password requires resetting, contact merchant support on 1800 039 025.

    What is an 'unspecified error'?

    Test ANZ eGate facilities:

    • When you or your developer process a test transaction, you may see a result called ‘unspecified error’.

    • This means that the transaction would have returned an ‘approved’ result but there may be a problem with the card details or the value of the transaction used. 

    • If you see this error, check that the card details used for the transaction match the test card details (card number, expiry & CVV) specified in the ANZ eGate developer kit and that the transaction value ended in 00. 

    • If you are still experiencing difficulties, you can contact us via email at

    Live ANZ eGate facilities:

    • After your ANZ eGate facility has gone live, ‘unspecified error’ is a general error code that could indicate one of several specific errors.

    • If you see this error, logon to the Merchant Administration site and go the Financial Transaction Search section.

    • You can then look up the Acquirer Response Code for the transaction in question and compare this with the listed codes in the ANZ eGate (Virtual Payment Client) Integration Notes to find the exact error.

    What can I do if the Sample Code I am using is invalid?

    All Sample Codes provided in the ANZ eGate developer kit are valid.

    If you are experiencing difficulties it will be for a different reason.

    If you require assistance, please contact us via email at

    Can I develop my merchant website using HTML?

    No, ANZ eGate cannot be implemented with a website that is written in HTML because an authentication routine takes place for transactions that require a higher scripting language.

    Sample Codes are provided in the ANZ eGate kit to assist with developing and integrating ANZ eGate in ASP, ASP.NET (#C), PHP, JSP and PERL.

    What is Secure Hash?

    The Secure Hash is additional information used to prevent cardholders modifying transaction requests and responses.

    Can all browsers use Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check/Mastercard Secure Code?

    Some browsers and browser configurations may not support Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check (MCIC)/ Mastercard Secure Code (MCSC).

    Please check that your browser supports Visa Secure or MCIC/MCSC.

    What happens if a customer using my website doesn't get a result from a transaction request?

    If a customer doesn’t see a transaction result and doesn’t know if it has been processed, the customer will need to contact you, the merchant, and quote the transaction number which would have been displayed at the start of the transaction.

    You will then need to logon to the Merchant Administration site and find the transaction to identify whether it was approved.

    Does eGate support authorisation and capture as a processing model?

    An ANZ eGate account can only be setup as either authorisation and capture or as a straight purchase. It cannot be a combination of both.

    Where can I find test cards for transaction testing for ANZ eGate?

    All test cards can be found in the ANZ eGate developer kit.

    You can access the developer kit at

    Why is the user I am trying to login under locked out but showing as active under my administrator login?

    The user could be set up with the advanced merchant administration feature being enabled which does not allow the user to logon to the Merchant Administration portal.

    This feature should only be enabled if the user is being used for integration. If the user is not being used for integration purposes, you can update the user settings using the administrator logon.

    Why can't I see the configuration details tab to obtain the required secure hash and access code when I login?

    You will not be able to see the secure hash and access code when you are logged in using the administrator logon.

    A separate user will need to be created with the "Modify Merchant Configuration" tick box selected to obtain secure hash and access code.

    Why can't I see the users I created?

    Please ensure you are using the right credentials when you login. Please note that users that you create in the test system will not appear in production and vice versa.

    What does an e5000 error mean?

    This response usually relates to a mismatch between your eGate merchant ID, access code, secure hash secret or how SHA256 has encrypted the secure hash. Please verify that you are using the correct details for the correct login (Test or Production).

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Merchant Terms and Conditions


For ANZ business account holders, funds are available on the same day for online transactions, processed through the terminal and settled before 9pm (AEST). For non-ANZ business account holders, for online transactions processed through the terminal, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions will transfer the funds to the merchant’s bank on the following business day and the availability of the funds will be determined by the merchant’s bank. For transactions processed offline or via Paper Merchant Vouchers, these settlement times do not apply.